Let’s get shopping! We have the perfect items to upgrade your summer wardrobe. Let the summer begin with our E2 Summer 2024 collection, inspired by the colorful coastline of Menton.

Our theme: Explore, is a burst of color. Lets add our color rose, white t-shirts with prints and shimmering gold glitter tops to your wardrobe to shine all summer long! The combinations are endless so let’s mix and match! 

1. Jumpsuit Rose (€79,99 or B2B) – 2. T-shirt Explore (B2B) – 3. Blouse Inaya (€59,99 or B2B) – 4. Top Lena Short (€39,99 or B2B)- 5. Blouse Rose (€59,99 or B2B)  – 6. T-shirt Rose (€29,99 or B2B) – 7. T-shirt Explore (€29,99 or B2B) – 8. Top Lena (€49,99 or B2B) – 9. Trouser Rose (€59,99 or B2B)



Elvira Collections is a Dutch fashion brand where creativity and quality reinforce each other. Through a perfect mix of comfortable fabrics and an optimal fit, we strive to leave a lasting impression on our customers. Elvira Collections offers five complete season-oriented collections per year that are tailored to the latest fashion trends and prints. Elvira Collections is now available at almost 400 stores.