Embrace the essence of summer with vibrant colors and flowing attire that embody the season’s warmth and freedom. Our theme: Summer Feeling, captures the spirit of the season accentuated by the color orange which mirrors the sun’s golden glow. 

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Let’s get shopping! Our Elvira Highlight of the Week is our Summer Feeling theme this week! The vibrant colors of this theme work like the golden glow of the sun. Will you go for our Top & Trouser Dani matched as a co-ord set or would you rather go for a summer dress? Picture yourself in our T-shirts and Trousers offering endless combinations that echo the carefree ambiance of the season. Pair them effortlessly with our Cardigan Nina, embodying casual elegance and effortless style. Transport yourself to a picturesque destination like Menton, where azure waters meet sun-kissed sands, or stroll along a boulevard in the high summer energy. The combinations are endless again!

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1. T-shirt Dani (B2B) – 2. Top Dani (B2B) – 3. Dress Dani (B2B) – 4. T-shirt Summer (B2B) – 5. Trouser Dani (B2B) – 6. Skirt Dani (B2B)



Elvira Collections is a Dutch fashion brand where creativity and quality reinforce each other. Through a perfect mix of comfortable fabrics and an optimal fit, we strive to leave a lasting impression on our customers. Elvira Collections offers five complete season-oriented collections per year that are tailored to the latest fashion trends and prints. Elvira Collections is now available at almost 400 stores.