Welcome to the world of fashion, where style and creativity collide to bring you the latest trends and captivating designs. As the leaves change and temperatures drop, it’s time to embrace the enchanting allure of our Fall/Winter E4 collection. This season, get ready to make a statement with a stunning fusion of neutrals combined with popping colors that will leave a lasting impression. With introducting to you today, our theme: Mon Tresor.

“Mon Trésor” is a romantic theme in the collection that embodies passion and elegance. The theme showcases a captivating combination of swirl and zebra print, adding a touch of wild beauty to each piece. The maxi skirt takes center stage, flowing gracefully with every step, while the plisse blouse offers a delicate and sophisticated appeal. A plush teddy adds a cozy and playful element to the ensemble. The fiery red color palette ignites a sense of passion and confidence, making each outfit a statement of love and allure. Mon Trésor captures the essence of romance, effortlessly blending bold prints with timeless style.



Elvira Collections is a Dutch fashion brand where creativity and quality reinforce each other. Through a perfect mix of comfortable fabrics and an optimal fit, we strive to leave a lasting impression on our customers. Elvira Collections offers five complete season-oriented collections per year that are tailored to the latest fashion trends and prints. Elvira Collections is now available at almost 400 stores.